AC700 Series Metal Wall Panel Series

Accént Ceilings and Walls offers unlimited opportunity
to achieve highly imaginative and creative interior
schemes. Available with a wide variety of finishes and
perforations, flat or curved Accént panels offer the
architect, specifier and contractor alike a superior
precision system that is both aesthetically decorative
and highly cost effective.

We offer a comprehensive range of metal finishes:
stainless steel, steel, aluminum and custom, with
various surface finishes including painted, polished,
anodized, laminated, powder coated, brushed,
galvanized and customized. We have harnessed the
natural beauty of real wood as an applied finish to its
ceilings and walls, called SureWood. From often
being seen as a building material of the past, natural
wood is now rapidly becoming established as a
desirable and environmentally acceptable material
of the future thanks to its unique combination of
elegance and sustainability.

Accént provides a system type that will meet all your
design requirements. Available in a wide variety of
materials and finishes, each system is manufactured
to provide you the finished look you desire. Available
as an acoustical wall panel that will reduce sound level
within a given space or act as a sound reflector panel
system. No matter, what you select, Accént has a system
for you!


Flat Sheet Direct Mount Panel System AC710
Zee Track Mounted Metal Wall Panel System AC720
Zee Track Mounted Faux Wood Panel System
AC730 EnviroWood
Zee Track Mounted Real Wood Wall Panel
System AC740
Hook on Wall Panel System AC750
Corrugated Wall Panel System AC760
Wire Mesh Wall Panel System AC770

AC710 Metal Flat Sheet Direct
Mount Panel Systems

AC720 Metal Zee Track Mounted
Metal Wall Panels System

AC730 – EnviroWood Metal Zee Track
Mounted Faux Wood Panel System

AC740 – SureWood Metal Zee Track
Mounted Faux Wood Panel System

AC750 Metal Hook-On Wall Panel System

AC760 Metal Corrugated Wall Panel System

AC770 Wire Mesh Wall Panel System