AC400 Series The Torsion Spring Series

The AC-400 Series are torsion spring ceiling systems.
The system can be flat, curved, radial, vaulted or
domed. They are designed to attach to a factory
modified ceiling grid system. It can be non-perforated
or perforated with choices of steel or aluminum. The
only restriction in the ceiling panel size or shape is
the availability of raw material.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ceiling grid is completely invisible from below.

  • Every panel is 100% downward accessible.

  • Butt joint condition and reveal joints.

  • Multiple finish options such as painted, metallic,
    faux wood or real wood.

  • Multiple perforation choices that can vastly
    affect the noise reduction

  • coefficient (NRC), the sound transmission
    coefficient (SRTC), and the reverberation time.

  • Torsion springs are factory attached allowing
    considerable field labor savings.

  • Panels PVC film is removed at the factory and
    each panel is individually poly bagged to provide
    considerable labor savings at the site.

  • Single large format panels can be used as sound
    diffusers (non-perforated) or sound reflectors
    (perforated) in auditoriums and theaters.

Flat Products:

Torsion Spring Interior Flat AC410F
Torsion Spring Mounted Exterior
Flat AC410F-EXT
Torsion Spring Mounted Flat Faux
Wood EnviroWood AC430F
Torsion Spring Mounted Flat Real Wood
SureWood AC440F
Torsion Spring Mounted Fiberglass
Accént Advantage Trademark AC450F

Curved Products:

Torsion Spring Mounted Curved AC410C
Torsion Spring Mounted Curved Faux Wood
EnviroWood AC430C
Torsion Spring Mounted Curved Real Wood
SureWood AC440C
Torsion Spring Mounted Fiberglass Curved AC450C

AC410F-EXT Torsion Spring Mounted
Exterior Ceiling System

AC430F EnviroWood Torsion Spring
Mounted Ceiling System Faux Wood

AC440F SureWood Torsion Spring
Mounted Ceiling System Real Wood

AC410C Torsion Spring Mounted
Ceiling System Curved

AC430C EnviroWood Torsion Spring Mounted
Ceiling System Faux Wood Curved

AC440C SureWood Torsion Spring Mounted
Ceiling System Curved Real Wood