Lay-In Ceiling Systems

The AC 100 series is a flat/sloped or vaulted (curved)
lay-in panel designed to lay-in to a standard ceiling
grid. It can be solid or perforated and can be
manufactured in aluminum or steel. The ceiling
panel can also be perforated or non-perforated.
Standard sizes are 2´ X 2´ or 2´ X 4´.
Custom sizes are also available.

Tegular Edged Ceiling Systems

Tegular Edged Ceiling System The AC200 series is a
tegular edge lay-in flat, vaulted or radial panel designed
to generally lay-in to a standard ceiling grid. It can be
non-perforated or perforated and can be manufactured
in steel or aluminum. Standard sizes are 2´ X 2´ or 2´ X 4´
but custom sizes can be made.

NOTE: The definition of tegular edge is a panel that is
formed or shaped so that the face of the ceiling panel
sits below the face of the grid as opposed to the
AC-100 series that rests on top of the grid.

Torsion Spring Series

The AC-400 Series are torsion spring ceiling systems.
The system can be flat, curved, radial, vaulted or domed.
They are designed to attach to a factory modified ceiling
grid system. It can be non-perforated or perforated
with choices of steel or aluminum. The only restriction
in the ceiling panel size or shape is the availability of
raw material.